July 15, 2024

The importance of a quality education can hardly be valued in terms of money or financial assets. Its intrinsic value holds exclusive importance in an individual’s life, preparing and developing him or her for the real world. With the continuous trend of discoveries and inventions opening new avenues of research and employment, education has come quite far from its initial teachings of language, mathematics and science along with arts and human studies. These spheres are now days considered the basic fundamental blocks of education and are considered as mandatory subjects for teaching.Be it high school or a college, a person needs to have the basic knowledge for surviving in today’s world. While a high school education is important for an individual’s overall development, a college education on the other hand renders him or her; the essential skills required to earn a livelihood. Besides earning a decent living, college education also guides a person to embark in various uncharted territories for new and valuable discoveries and inventions via research and development. It acts as a doorway to a better life by opening a world full of opportunities.But even with so many benefits why college degrees nowadays are looked at with so much skepticism as in terms of return on investment. Though it’s true that there has been a significant drop in the employment sector due to the economic slowdown, a college education still holds an indispensable amount of value in a person’s life. This is due to the different ways of perceiving a quality rich college education. Many people just look at a college degree in terms of a ticket to a high paying job opportunity. They tend to perceive college education as just means of acquiring higher skills thereby getting qualified for lucrative employment opportunities. When there is a slowdown in an economy, no matter how skilled you are, your development in terms of finance and status also gets reduced according to the decelerate economic conditions. As a result, people start to look down on college degrees and tend to contemplate the money spent on it as mere wastage of resources.If truth to be told, college education is intended more towards knowledge giving than just simple skills enhancement training classes. Its very fiber is designed to equip students with the various available sources that can help them to explore further and discover new avenues of growth, benefiting both at a personal and social level. Based on the age old saying- knowledge creates employment while skills create employees; we should embrace college education with an open mind and should work towards creating a better today and a promising future.